Everybody is unique and there's no accounting for taste or design. Thus everybody should be able to define the design of the things surrounding them each and every day. This is the basic idea of BarelyNaked and therefore driving force and motivation in our day-to-day business.

We′ve come a long way since the very first idea of a BarelyNaked device came up in 2012 and the first go live of our website Barely-Naked.com in July 2013. Our focus in doing so has not only been the development of in-house production processes but also the production of optimised materials. A lot of time and energy has also been invested in our software development. In this context our team has grown and has been enriched by motivated specialists who cover all these terms of references. Since the founding of BarelyNaked, we strive to become the leading vendor of design foils for electronic devices.

We′ve always brought the real product to the fore. Our main focus is on the realization of technical solutions for a customer-driven product. At this we convert digital content into a physical product using efficient processes and latest production. The result is a design platform with an unlimited number of individual, qualitative and custom-made products.

Lately, we venture into the beauty world with our latest range of products, BarelyNaked skins for nails! BarelyNaked nail skins combines creativity with custom printed nail polish stickers, letting your your nails become a gallery for wearable art.